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Do atmosphere, people development, high professional standards, ownership and client satisfaction sound attractive to you? If so, don’t hesitate and join Asdaex :

  • Powered by trust
  • Driven by human relations
  • Passionate about client satisfaction
  • Development of expertise as a goal


Culture of competence

Competence is not innate, it is acquired and grows during a professional career. Asdaex is a company made of men and women who collectively look for a personal development. This comes thanks to training but also coaching on projects.


Less experienced people joining Asdaex benefit not only of a significant training budget, but also of the coaching of more experienced employees. You are never “dropped in the middle of new tasks”, there is always an expert at hand to share best practices and to provide guidance. A positive atmosphere and a nice working environment are also key drivers of development.


Expertise grows through interactions with clients and colleagues, as well as thanks to successful projects. Targeted trainings, exchanges with other experts are knowledge sharing opportunities which play an important role in expertise development. Trust we get from our clients allows us to work on challenging projects requiring expertise, pragmatism and creativity; we find it inspiring.


Francis, Jean-François, Johan and Pierre, founding partners of Asdaex have a long, deep and complementary experience in every business line of Asdaex. This would remain underleveraged without the technical abilities and human qualities of the team around them. To ensure they deserve the trust of this team, they drive the company in full transparency. The transposition of this internal trust is thus natural towards our clients and partners.

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Asdaex is a young company with recognized expertise in software integration in the fields of automation, computerized industrial and hospital systems, and analytics. The collective knowledge of our team – around 50 people – is rich of more than 60 thousand days spent on client projects.


For any spontaneous application that corresponds to one of our jobs, please send us your CV and motivation letter by email to the following address: HR@asdaex.com


To find out about the opportunities available for specific positions, please visit our LinkedIn page in the "Jobs" section.

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