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Asdaex is a software integrator with spikes in automation, computerized industrial and hospital systems, and in analytics

ASDAEX in short

  • Partner of trust
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  • Quality through expertise
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days spent on client projects by our team members collectively


Succesful projects over the last three years

Powered by trust,

driven by people interactions

To deserve our demanding clients and their projects, we built a highly skilled and experienced team ; not only in terms of software integration, but also of knowledge of the production process and of their specific equipment. Asdaex integrates multiple software solutions within our regional reach, but also by following our clients anywhere they need us. To attract and retain the talent we wish, Asdaex pays a lot of attention to training and coaching, and equally to the atmosphere and environment at work.


A partner of trust in our target activities


Over the last two years, Asdaex has successfully delivered more than four hundred projects in close collaboration with our clients. These projects were handled in all our domains of expertise in our traditional regional reach but also elsewhere in Europe and on several other continents. Skills and commitment of our teams were key factors of success, as well as client collaboration and mutual trust.



  • Projects in automation: equipment, batch processes, continuous processes and monitoring
  • Project management and deployment of computerized industrial systems
  • Change management and deployment of Computerized Patient Record within hospitals
  • Guidance and customization of MES 
  • Guidance and implementation of digitalization programs
  • Design of program of transformation through analytics



A leading-edge team


To deliver your projects with success, we build on a distinctive team with the required competencies, experience, drive, commitment, respect and cordiality. Our projects are handled by men and women with proven methodologies thanks to more than sixty thousand days spent on customer projects. To remain at this level of professionalism, we actively invest on training so that our methodologies remain at the top of technologies and good practices.



An approach tailored to

the needs of your project



You would not try to re-invent the wheel. Nevertheless in many cases, a comparison with the best practices of other producers can prove valuable before the project starts.



Our knowledge of your specific production processes and equipment allow us to play a guidance role as of the design phase


Request for proposal

Some clients do work with engineering offices, in our core activities, we can manage an RFP on behalf of the client with multiple potential suppliers



Analysis and the development phases are our core activities. For these steps, the deep knowledge of the software, of the processes of our clients and of their constraints are critical.



Deployments must be done during shutdown periods and in full compliance with qualification requirements. The success of this step often reflects the quality and pragmatism of the development.



Asdaex obviously guarantees its developments and an after project support. We also provide long term options including 24/365, ticketing platform and management of the continuous improvement.


part of our DNA

A Quality Plan structured around the international standards is a right to play in our market. Quality audits by demanding clients can’t be succeeded without it. This is obviously the case at Asdaex. Beyond this, the transposition of these standards in our way of working became part of our DNA at Asdaex.

International standards

  • ISA 88
  • GAMP5
  • ISA 95
  • 21 CFR Chapter 11
  • ISO 9001
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  • OSIsoft PI
  • Prince 2, PMI
  • Siemens et Wonderware
  • Tibco Spotfire
  • XCare


The founding value of our company

Trust is difficult to establish but even more difficult to restore. Asdaex is committed to earning it with each category of interlocutor, and trust is inseparable from transparency. It is essential to make a point of telling the truth, whether positive or negative.

Our founders

Launching a company requires a high degree of trust between the founders of the company. This trust is the foundation of our company and the value that guides their decisions and the way they run the business.

Our main clients

  • Baxter
  • Carelide
  • Catalent
  • Cenexi
  • GSK
  • IBA
  • LFB
  • Plasma Industries Belgium
  • UCB


we experience the very notion of teamplay


People who join us with a limited working experience, benefit from a significant training budget and from the coaching of more experienced Asdaex people. You’re never « dropped in the middle of unknown tasks », a technical referent is always available to share good practices and knowledge. The atmosphere and the working environment are critical to ensure the development of new skills.

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