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Actual and certified expertise domains - Our automation team owns real and certified expertise, namely on the software suites of Siemens, Wonderware and Rockwell.


Successful projects – Over the last two years, our teams successfully managed more than a hundred automation projects in Belgium and France, but also on other continents.


Our experienced team of automation professionals designs, develops and enforces your projects.


Practical benefits for your activities:


  • True expertise for an optimal design – Designing an automation adapted to client’s needs requires a deep understanding of the logic behind the specifications, not only a literal transposition of words. This understanding comes from nowhere else than multiple and diverse client projects.


  • Innovating and adapted, technical solution – Our activity of software integrator itself and our recurring training ensure that we discover and experiment state-of-the-art technologies. These are then available for the benefit of our clients, if and when required.


  • Transparency and level of granularity of proposals – Our proposals are more precise than most of our competitors. This is the best guarantee that each party knows exactly what the project is about. The side effect is clarity about the scope and avoidance of extra costs for clients.


  • Trust in our developments – Our expertise and experience are the foundation of our commitment to deliver projects as expected. This quality is the best guarantee for future developments and maintenance cost.


  • Compliance with your constraints – We don’t send a proposal if we are not convinced that we will perform on time, on budget and with the required quality.


  • Transversal approach – There are too many examples of automation projects where the industrial context has not been integrated. This translates into misunderstanding and frustration. Our ability to understand this context, even beyond our automation team, generates client value.



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