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Computerized hospital systems


Days - We trained more than 200 nurses in a hospital in Wallonia over 12 days, which represents an average of 16 nurses per day.


Months - It took us 14 months to set up the computerized prescription module and the nursing record in a Walloon hospital during the COVID period, 5 months ahead of the initial schedule.

Computerized hospital systems

Our team specializing in computerized hospital systems participates in IT thinking, sets up and deploys solutions adapted to your needs.


Practical benefits for your activities:


  • Care and support of the deployment of your computerized systems - Our team has the skills to configure, install, but also support the change during the deployment or the update of your software. We therefore offer a complete follow-up from the start of the project until support after the start of production. All our employees are Prince2 Foundation certified, and project managers also have Prince2 Practitioner certification.


  • Strengthening your IT / EPR team - We can intervene for certain very specific missions in a fixed-price or cost-plus format during certain phases of a deployment or updates of your hospital software, in order to meet the demand for qualified resources during a short period of time.


  • Support for your IT / EPR team - Our team has solid experience in the hospital sector, whether in terms of the operation of a hospital institution, the software used or even knowledge of the professions. We can therefore advise you on various aspects (communication strategy, training, deployment) depending on your structure and your constraints in the deployment process.


  • Analysis of your IT environment - Our analyzes make it possible to highlight the flows between the different software, in order to focus on optimizing them.


  • Partnership with Zorgi - We produce analyzes of your Xperthis Care environment, in order to optimize underused forms and functionalities. We also provide support during the migration of your data, from EPR (H ++) or OmniPro to Xperthis Care. We also propose to analyze the data of your EPR to produce clinical statistics and highlight KPIs.

Let's evaluate together how to get the best out of your data