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Computerized industrial systems


Of the top 20 – Six of the most important companies in their respective markets work with us in our region.


EMS – The members of our team designed and deployed more than 80 Environmental Monitoring Systems globally.

Computerized industrial systems

Our experienced team designs and deploys solutions adapted to your needs.


Practical benefits for your activities:


  • 21CFRp11 compliant solutions – Our methods and our Quality System ensures a full compliance of our developments in the life sciences sector.


  • Segmented management of alerts and alarms – Too many alarms kill the important alarm. Deploying blindly an alarm management system will generate a lot of “noise”. A segmented approach is required so that important alarms are handled with the right level of priority. This also enables a retrofit of historical data analysis.


  • Reliable long term archiving – The regulation applying to the pharmaceutical sector requires a long term archiving which enables a recovery of historical data and reports in case of investigation. A pragmatic approach of this problem ensures significant savings.


  • Environmental Monitoring System – The expertise of our team in this field allowed us to select a solution recently fully redeveloped and deployed in France in the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. This solution, Mozart 21, has been developed by our partner Inentech.

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