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Data analytics


Seconds – Thirty seconds of data can make the difference to save a production batch or to investigate easily a deviation.


Of budget – Launching an analytics program with a specialist can save up to 50% of the usual budget spent on such an initiative.

Data analytics

Using production data to support operational and management decisions creates value.


Practical benefits for your activities:

  • Real-time data in context – Detailing the business problem that a real-time data analysis project is supposed to solve, is critical. Without this, you run the risk to get the perfect answer to the wrong question.


  • Development of dynamic dashboards – Once the business need is understood, putting a dynamic dashboard in place should be done in several steps to accelerate deployment and refine the understanding of this need. This user acceptance step is critical to ensure adoption, once this dashboard moves to production environment.


  • Predictive algorithms – When critical production parameters are understood with their causality links established, predictive algorithms can be developed for predictive maintenance purposes.


  • Data science for real – Data science work is not a mechanistic approach, requiring artificial intelligence or deep learning techniques. This is a robust method which defines what technology to use. Our specialty is to identify the required competencies depending on the need, internally or in collaboration with partners like B12 Consulting.


  • Fact-based decision-making – Intuition is important in decision-making. But intuition is even more performant when relying on facts about the company or the production unit.

Let's evaluate together how to get the best out of your data