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Data management

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Of daily data – Whatever the volume, an intelligent aggregation of your multiple sources of data ensures a proper understanding of the past, to act on the present.


Of occurrences – In the vast majority of cases, initial technical specifications do not take into account precisely the content of the reports to generate thanks to production data.

Data management

Managing efficiently real-time data requires a transversal understanding of IT layers.


Practical benefits for your activities:

  • Transversal 4.0 approach : from the sensor to the server – The in-depth knowledge of the required data flows to ensure appropriate use of your data is a must have to leverage the full potential of the connected plant.


  • Mastering real-time data – The volume of data available to operate a production line is gigantic. A pragmatic approach identifies which data to escalate at the right frequency and for the right purpose. This avoids getting lost in data complexity.


  • Upstream design of data reports – Beyond real-time data flows, production data is required to generate automated reports, be it for internal or external purpose. Anticipating these needs ensures significant savings.


  • Compliance with 21CFRp11 and data integrity requirements – The notion of single source of truth is of growing importance in data management. This translates into anticipation of related needs and robustness of data flows.


  • Interoperability with ERP – Production data are meaningless without contextual data. Most of the latter come from the ERP system. Our experience in this field ensures proper use of the ERP without any disruption of production.

Let's evaluate together how to get the best out of your data