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Manufacturing Execution System


At your fingertips – A deployment controlled by the production team of MES functionalities is a unique chance to benefit from the latest developments of Industry 4.0


Informed decision-makers – More than twenty decision-makers of the pharmaceutical sector benefited from our expertise about MES concepts and the right approach to such a program.

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The collaboration with Asdaex has made possible for IBA Industrial to quadruple the number of successfully managed projects worldwide. Quality,...

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Manufacturing Execution System

Our deep understanding of production processes allows us to advise you properly.


Practical benefits for your activities:


  • Support your MES projects – We can support your MES project or program by asking the right questions and specifying it properly.


  • Best practice sharing – Our collective experience, including our partners, allow us to define the best approach in terms of priorities, people to involve and decision processes.


  • Deployment of specific modules – In some segments of the life sciences sector, MES functionalities are extremely specific and require a modular approach, complementary to the approach of MES editors. This is especially true in the field of biotech.


  • Change management – A MES project is before anything else a major change of the way a production unit operates. You must support this change to ensure adoption, otherwise the project will not deliver on its promises. Change management is a job in itself.


  • Sequential deployment – Deploying a MES into an existing production unit must be phased to avoid delays and production slowdown. This needs to be tailored to the specificities of each unit.



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